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Imagine Dragons - Demons (Official Music Video)

As of late-July 2022, the music video to this piece achieved the rare feat of garnering 1,000,000,000 (one billion) YouTube views. However, such an accomplishment is not particularly unusual as far as Imagine Dragons are concerned, as they already had three other music videos do so prior.

Imagine Dragons - Demons (Official Music Video)

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According to YouTube, the music video for "Demons" is Imagine Dragons' fourth visual to reach one billion views on the platform, following "Radioactive," released in 2012, and 2017's "Believer" and "Thunder."

For those of you who have read "Follower of Christ"'s comment, I would like to clear up some misconceptions. First, in the Mormon faith, we believe that there is a pre-mortal existence from where we came to Earth. On Earth, we live out our lives, and are tested to see if we can use our agency to live our lives obedient to God's commandments and following Jesus's example. Then after we die, we either go to Spirit Paradise or not, and those who do not go to Spirit Paradise are allowed the opportunity to be taught by those that received the gospel. Then after the Millenium, we go through Judgement and are sent to the appropriate degrees of glory. Now, in reference to the song "Radioactive", the lyrics "welcome to the new age" could possibly be referring to any of the existences to come after mortal life. However, the lyrics could simply be referring to a large change in one's life, supported by the lyrics "I'm waking up" and "welcome to the new age", which could both be in reference to the start of a new way of life. I feel it is unfair to jump to the conclusion that "This group is definitely Anti-Christ", and would instead invite any of those who read this post to visit to learn more about what Mormon beliefs are all about.Also, in response to the reference to the song "Demons" being a song about witchcraft, I invite you all to watch the official music video and realize that the song actually refers to the internal "demons" and struggles that many people face today. Thank you for taking the time to consider this post. 041b061a72


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