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Old Mature Mom Stacy

  • Stacey PilgrimStacey Pilgrim: Scott's younger sisterAge:19 (20 in volume 6) (18 in movie)Occupation:Cashier at Second CupRelationship:Jimmy (before Wallace steals him)Family:Mom & Dad

  • Scott Pilgrim (brother)

  • Lawrence West (brother)

Rating:"T" for TeenStacey Pilgrim is Scott's 19-year-old (20 in book 6) younger sister. She works at the same Second Cup with Julie Powers and is also friends with Ramona. She's based on (and named after) Bryan Lee O'Malley's real sister Stacey. She sometimes calls Scott her little brother, probably because she is more grown up and mature. She has no problem interjecting her opinions and morals into Scott's life. She apparently keeps up via Wallace's texts, so they could be considered friends, though she sometimes expresses bitterness to Wallace when he constantly steals her boyfriends.

old mature mom stacy

Stacey Pilgrim's most dominant traits is her knack for gossip and a tendency to always say what she thinks, especially toward her older brother who she keeps interjecting her opinions and morals to. She sometimes calls Scott her little brother, probably because she is more grown up and mature than he is.

Once in both the book and movie, Stacey refers to Scott as her "younger brother", despite being about four years younger than him. This was pointed out by Jimmy in Volume 1. The reason for this could refer to the fact that Stacey acts much more mature than Scott. Ironically, Stacey's actress Kendrick is older than Scott Pilgrim's actor, Michael Cera.

\"i have been arguing quite a bit w/my husband,\" Stacy wrote in the message, which Cesare gave to the Naperville Sun. \"as i mature with age i am finding that the relationship i am in is controlling, manipulative, and some what abusive.\"

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