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Arri  Compact 4000 Fresnel
  • Arri Compact 4000 Fresnel

    Arri Compact 4000,

    c/w Ballast, Header(s), Scrims, Barn Doors & Spare Lamp

    • Features

      • Easy Maintenance
      • Adjustable accessory brackets
      • Barndoor Safety Catch
      • Sliding and lightweight stirrup
      • Tilt lock with disc break
      • Stainless steel lens protection
      • Robust True Blue barndoors
      • Robust Location Top Latch
      • IP Rating IP23
    • Technical Data

      Mains Plug                                  VEAM, Schaltbau (GTV-Standard)
      Lamphead Type                        Fresnel, 4,000 W
      Reflector                                      Spherical specular high purity aluminium
      Lamp TypeMetal Halide        4,000 W/SE
      Power Consumption               4,000 W
      Voltage Range                           200 V
      Lamp Base                                  G38
      Dimming                                      yes, 50 to 100 % via Ballast
      Correlated Color                      6,000 K
      Beam Angle                               6.5° to 61°
      Weight in kg net*                     approx. 18.0 kg
      Weight in kg packed*             approx. 22.5 kg
      Weight in lbs. net*                   approx. 39.69 lbs
      Weight in lbs. Packed*           approx. 49.17 lbs

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