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Download Highway Traffic Racer and Customize Your Car with Paint and Wheels

Car Traffic Racer - Highway Traffic Driving Game is a traffic racing game of driving car on a very crowded trafic racer road chasing time to get to your destination, let's show your best driving car skills to avoid traffic racing and slip other cars in a very crowded traffic racing game.Avoid collisions between car when you drive a traffic car, step on the gas and start maneuvering avoid traffic car racer in front of you, get the highest speed of this car game you drive overtake the traffic racers and get your best score, be careful when overtaking traffic cars not to collisions the traffic race.Car Traffic Racer - Highway Traffic Driving Game is a very fun endless racers car driving game, you have to overtake traffic racing cars and avoid collisions between car, when you overtake another higway car at high speed you will get a lot of bonus scores, this car game is more than a car race game because in this car game you have to race a lot of traffic race cars and you have to use your best car driving skills to overtake other car.Extreme traffic waiting for you to auto traffic racing that is very crazy traffic, let's start and choose your favorite car there are many choices of cool racer car in this car game that you can play for free without buying with real money, you can also repair and upgrade the car of your choice instead car colors or car engine upgrades and many other choices.In this Car Traffic Racer - Highway Traffic Driving Game besides a lot of choices of racer car there are also many choices of traffic racers modes which are definitely very exciting among them such as one-way traffic and two-way traffic there is also a day and night mode, there is a police mode you have to chase a criminal escape car with a police car and overtake the car is fast, there is a bomb saver mode you can't slow down because the bomb can explode.ow to play:- overtake other racer car- avoid collisions- Maneuvering to get through other car trafficFeatures:- Lots of cool racer car choices- using very easy car racing controls with 2 options of screen press control and accelerometer control- the car game is very smooth- Large selection of play modesLets download and play Car Traffic Racer - Highway Traffic Racer Driving Game 2020 free

Highway Traffic Rider Motor Race is a motorbike racing game that places you into the seat of a motorcycle as you race across a US highway. Dodge the traffic that shares the road with you and try to reach each checkpoint as quickly as possible. Your high-speed journey will take you across a number of different terrains, including dirt roads, a country highway and a bridge over a deep river. Do you have what it takes to avoid collisions and make it to the end?

download highway traffic racer


isTom Games presents the Highway Traffic Racer Planet!A new experience in the endless highway traffic arcade racing genre: drive on a highway of a mini planet with different environments, collect car and map parts to unlock the premium content of the game for FREE! Customize your cars! Choose a new paintjob, install new rims and items to give your cars a unique look!Drive dangerously and reach better and better positions on the Leaderboards to show the world that you are the best driver on the highways! If you like blocky style highway racers then you gonna love our low poly style game!And most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Racer is a simple, fun and addictive racing game where youextremely drive your car through the highway traffic. If you wantto get adrenaline and check your reaction or want to drive as youcan never do on a real highway, Racer is your choice. Rules arevery simple: put your finger on the car and drive through thetraffic. Extreme and fast driving will speed up your score.

This is a motorcycle riding game. You can drive on roads and highways, dodging traffic and jumping over vehicles. You can even go off-roading on an off-road trail, where you can ride at high speeds and challenge the limits of your riding skills.

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