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Shotgun WeddingHD

Firearms: The discharge of firearms is prohibited except in the course of licensed, in-season hunting activities. Hunting with rifles is prohibited within the Cronan Ranch Management Area during any season. Hunting weapons limited to bow and arrows, smooth bore shotguns and muzzleloaders. Muzzleloaders allowed only after fire season is declared over.

Shotgun WeddingHD

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Now here's a show that knows how to make the most of a two-hour finale! The final episode of the CW's Gossip Girl included a shotgun wedding (Chuck and Blair, duh), multiple flashbacks, and one flash forward. You'll be happy to know that the future of the Upper East Side is secure, by the way: Five years from now Nate is considering running for mayor, Blair and Chuck have a son, Blair's fashion line is a huge success, Dan and Serena live happily ever after, and Rufus is dating Lisa Loeb.) 041b061a72


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