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CS GO Updated 1.22.22 Corepack [2021]

This Version includes: A large number of bugfixes and gameplay changes such as a MP instant desyn fix, invasion timer fix, skirmish AI fix, among a number of other tweaks and bugfixes, as well as a few new units for the latest released version of Remake, that is version 3.4. This patch will NOT include: Any of the major reworks/overhauls meant for 4.0 This means no new starfighters, Galactic conquest buildings, land combat, skydomes, or any of the other fancy things you'll have seen pop up on the changelog channel. This patch isn't for that. This patch is to provide a final, functional, experience for version 3 of Remake. The reason for now giving out this patch now, is the recent game patch, which introduces new possibilities for us modders that we want to start utilizing as soon as possible. This will however, break the mod for any versions of the game that are not updated, which is to say, any version of the game but the steam version. To give everyone who does not own the game on steam a chance to play Remake with the bugfixes made for 4.0, we are releasing this final 3.5 Version.

CS GO updated 1.22.22 corepack

Download File:

It works best on a new save. There, all spawns that start from the beginning of the fame are updated with the mod. Unique NPCs will also spawn. Only the Vanilla Armor Expansion will be working with an old save.


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