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Resident Evil 4 Pc Cd 18

Resident Evil 4[b] is a 2005 survival horror third-person shooter video game developed by Capcom Production Studio 4[1] and published by Capcom. It was originally released for the GameCube on January 11, 2005. Players control U.S. government special agent Leon S. Kennedy, who is sent on a mission to rescue the U.S. president's daughter Ashley Graham, who has been kidnapped by a cult. In rural Spain, Leon fights hordes of enemies infected by a mind-controlling parasite and reunites with the spy Ada Wong.

Resident Evil 4 Pc Cd 18

In 2004, U.S. government agent Leon S. Kennedy (Paul Mercier) is on a mission to rescue Ashley Graham (Carolyn Lawrence), the U.S. President's daughter, who has been abducted by a mysterious cult.[12] He travels to an unnamed rural village in Spain,[13] where he encounters a group of hostile villagers who pledge their lives to Los Iluminados, the cult that kidnapped Ashley. The villagers were once simple farmers until becoming infected by a mind-controlling parasite known as Las Plagas.[14]

While in the village, Leon is captured by its chief, Bitores Mendez, and injected with Las Plagas.[15] He finds himself held captive with Luis Sera (Rino Romano), a former police officer in Madrid, and former Los Iluminados researcher.[16] The two work together to escape, but soon go their separate ways. Leon finds out Ashley is being held in a church and rescues her.[17] They both escape from the church after Osmund Saddler (Michael Gough), leader of Los Iluminados, reveals his plan to use the parasite they injected into Ashley to manipulate her into injecting the president of the United States with a "sample" once she returns home, allowing Saddler to begin his conquest of the world.[18]

Though the developers tried to make the "coolness" theme fit into the world of Resident Evil,[35] Mikami felt it strayed too far from the series' survival horror roots and gradually convinced the staff to make an independent game. This became a new Capcom franchise, Devil May Cry, released for the PlayStation 2 in August 2001.[36]

In June 2021, the photographer and author Judy Juracek launched legal proceedings against Capcom for using images from her book Surfaces: Visual Research for Artists, Architects, and Designers without her permission to create textures for multiple games, including Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry.[206][207] The parties reached an undisclosed settlement outside of court in February 2022.[208]

[1][2]VillagersAs revealed in the end credits, the villagers were once peaceful residents of a rural community until they were exposed to the parasites. From that point, they became ruthless zombie-like savages under Osmund Saddler's control. They continue to carry out agricultural duties, although their interest in basic hygiene has been lost and, subsequently, their living conditions have suffered. They wield farm tools as improvised weapons, including knives, axes, and sickles. When Leon first arrives in the village, he is immediately attacked by one of the villagers after questioning him about Ashley's whereabouts.

In September 2001, Capcom announced that the core Resident Evil series would become exclusive to the Nintendo GameCube with three new games: an enhanced remake of the original Resident Evil, a prequel titled Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 4. Capcom had previously proposed a version of Resident Evil 4 for PlayStation 2, but the idea was revamped into Devil May Cry.

An earlier attempt in developing Resident Evil 4 was made from 1998 to 2000 for the PlayStation 2, with Resident Evil 2 director Hideki Kamiya leading the project. The first year was primarily spent on research of what the project would be, and included a trip to Spain for the development staff to study Spanish architecture. The direction that the project took was considered too much of a departure from the traditional Resident Evil style and the resulting game was revamped and released as Devil May Cry in 2001. In Devil May Cry, several similarities can be observed when compared to the Resident Evil games, due to the fact that Devil May Cry began its development known as "Resident Evil 4."

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Resident Evil 4 is a third-person action-adventure game set six years after the destruction of Raccoon City. Leon S. Kennedy stars, a former R.P.D. officer who travels to a remote Spanish village to investigate the kidnapping of the U.S. President's daughter by a mysterious cult. Following a long and troubled development, Resident Evil 4 received critical acclaim for its action-focused take on the series' classic survival horror gameplay.

A returning character from Resident Evil 2, Leon is now a government agent whose capabilities stand in stark contrast to his own as a rookie police officer. He is appointed alone to the perilous task of saving the President's daughter from a group of cultists.

The President's daughter and the damsel in distress. Due to her sheltered upbringing, she has no experience with combat and is reliant upon Leon. And while Ashley does provide some assistance during key points, Leon must safeguard her then especially.

A Spanish native of the nearby castle, Salazar serves as one of the main antagonists. A small stature and somewhat devilish appearance gives him the look of a gremlin. Upon jacking Leon's radio line, Salazar attempts to belittle Leon; although he is often bested by Leon's own wit. This contributes to Salazar's insecurity.

After the 1998 T-virus outbreak in Raccoon City and the city's government bombing, the Umbrella Corporation is dissolved and their perpetration of the disaster is made public knowledge. Leon S. Kennedy, one of the protagonists of Resident Evil 2, is recruited as a federal agent due to his firsthand experience with bio-terrorism. Six years later, then, Leon is dispatched to an isolated rural village in Spain as part of a top-secret mission to rescue President Graham's kidnapped daughter, Ashley.

Leon comes face-to-face with Bitores Mendez, the village's chief, who easily knocks out Leon. After regaining consciousness, Leon finds himself restrained and bound to Luis Sera, an ex-cop from Madrid who had conducted parasite research for the Los Illuminados cult before betraying them. Leon later discovers Sera's notes and learns of Lord Osmund Saddler, the cult's mastermind. Saddler controls the villagers with parasites called "Las Plagas" that transform normal humans into violent "Ganados" (literally "Cattle") possessing inhuman strength and resistance to pain. Saddler has also injected Plaga eggs into Ashley, Luis and the unconscious Leon, intending to subjugate each of them. Saddler, through Ashley, intends to infect her father, President Graham, helping the Los Illuminados to take over the U.S., and ultimately the world.

Slaughtering dozens of Saddler's soldiers, Leon finds Ashley inside a cell. The two cut through the remainder using a combination of firepower and heavy machinery. Saddler, however, arrives and forces Leon into submission by exerting control over his developing Plaga parasite, abducting Ashley in the process. Leon is ambushed by his former comrade Jack Krauser, who reveals himself as Ashley's kidnapper. During a knife fight with Leon, Krauser explains how he abducted the President's daughter to gain Saddler's trust and access to the Plaga sample. Krauser gains the upper hand in the melee, but Leon is saved by Ada's sharpshooting; Krauser retreats temporarily. After reaching the island's ancient ruins, Leon is attacked again. Krauser arms several explosive charges set to destroy the ruins. Leon, however, defeats his Plaga-mutated rival and escapes before detonation.

Resident Evil 4 was first announced in 2001. It went through a long development period, during which various versions of the game were scrapped. One of its earlier builds was regarded as too great a departure from the series and was retooled and re-branded as Devil May Cry.

Resident Evil 4 takes place six years after the events in Raccoon City and follows Leon S. Kennedy on a mission to save the President's daughter (Ashley Graham) from the clutches of a local religious cult called the Los Illuminados, led by Osmund Saddler, who has unearthed a mind-controlling parasite called Las Plagas for his own purposes. During the course of his mission, Leon encounters a womanizing Spaniard with his own share of secrets, and is reunited with Ada Wong, who has been sent on a mission of her own. 350c69d7ab


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