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Nikolai Lobanov
Nikolai Lobanov

RealTerm: A Powerful Tool for Serial Data Capture, Display, and Send

You are able to get the exact status of a serial connection from another computer. This utility can be used to easily conect two computer and share the serial port from one computer with another (and vice versa). If your device is not showing in the list in the Serial Port menu then it probably has hardware flow control enabled on the device. If that is the case then the other computer won't be able to establish a connection and the Serial Port menu won't be able to show the device. The first thing to try is to disable hardware flow control on the device in its device manager.

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SerialPortConfig connects/disconnects to serial ports and pipes data from one device to another. This is a vital part of any serial port monitoring system (e.g. a serial port monitoring app). SerialPortConfig can be ran in software mode or in hardware mode.

Easily share a connection between two computers with RS-485 support. Control the serial port transfer (listen or send) from one computer to another or receive data through a modem line or line-based device. Additionally, SerialPortConfig includes a simple and user-friendly user interface for monitoring multiple serial connections and sending serial data between them. The utility also provides for selecting the active serial port on a computer as well as disconnecting a serial port if it is not already active.

Serial Port Configurator is a simple solution to configure a network of serial devices. It is a multi-platform that gives the ability to use any type of devices and controls them. It is easy to configure since it uses a simple wizard style. You can setup several serial devices, and also some kind of web configuration interface, that will allow you to configure a few of them at a time. So, you can configure one and configure many devices at the same time.


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