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Doghouse Subtitles English

New clients should complete our daycare/boarding application before their first visit with us. Also, bring proof of current vaccinations and that your dog is under 12 years old. You can email your application and proof of vaccinations to Once we have your application and verification of vaccines, give us a call to book your free assessment at (805) 861-0012.

Doghouse subtitles English

Rascal was tangled up tightly in his chain and had only a crumbling stack of junk for shelter when CAP fieldworkers found him. After PETA gave him a new doghouse and a tangle-free, lightweight tie-out, Rascal sat pretty and was thrilled to have some room to move about.

01:40.52juliariosThis did not yeah yeah, so I tried to figure out I know that it's supposed to be available to rent through Apple and I couldn't figure out how to do it. Um, and Moss was working so I couldn't bother him which meant that I just ended up watching it in French without subtitles. And I was like I have no idea if there's an English dub anywhere but probably not. Anyway, it's fine. So luckily I understand French.

02:16.16juliariosWell, that's good I'm I'm glad that you had subtitles. Um, it's a it was still wow. It's quite a quite a film. So Geoffrey um, do you want to tell us a little bit about what you remember from when you were a child and you first saw this and like I have your summary but ah. But if you want to give us just a little.

15:12.93juliariosamazing. like was there an english dub? because one of the weird things that I was noticing I read both the english and the french Wikipedia pages on this um and in the english version. It's like.

15:29.52juliariosTalking about how there's a kid named Marc that has a dog named Cleo and I was like ah his name is Pierre though and in the french version his name is pierre on the the french Wikipedia page his name is Pierre so like was there an english dub where they called him marc.

15:47.58juliariosOh he was Marc in the subtitles? He wasn't pierre. Okay, that's really weird I think his name is pierre. Maybe I'm like now I'm just going to look up the french the french Wikipedia to see if no his.

16:06.64juliariosHis name is Pierre his just his name is just Pierre. That's so weird that they put Marc in the subtitles, I wonder if there was like an english dub where they call him Marc and it is tiguy la lune.

24:37.13juliariosOh my god it's such a bummer. Like watching it I'm just like oh man, and the lead up to it where like first she's chained outside to her doghouse that you have seen them building and then she's pulling at the chain you see like. Pierre goes to go do the war and she wants to come with him and she whimpers and he looks back at her and then he decides to leave her and she stuck chain to her doghouse and she's sad and she pulls the chain like this goes on for a while and then finally she breaks the chain and she runs but after the children. And then she gets caught on the second fence and she's like sad and she just really wants to be with those kids and then she finally gets to be with the kids and dies the snow fort collapse. 041b061a72


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