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Wendell Williams Everybody (Beat Your Body)

WILLIAMS: You know, that could easily be perceived as ignorant as for a person who lives, you know, on the edge, the way Omar does. But, like, I, you know, I said earlier, Omar doesn't - he doesn't operate from a you better fear me, you know, and I'm the bad - the big, bad wolf, and I'll kill everybody. That's not his mindset. He walks out there because he knows that, OK, I'm not - I'm off right now. I don't just run around - just kill people at random. I'm calculated. You know, he's going for cereal. There's no need to carry my gun right now, really, you know? In his mind, he thinks people are running because they think that he's working. He's like, don't you fools know I'm off right now?

Wendell Williams Everybody (Beat Your Body)

WILLIAMS: You know what I mean? You know, because everybody knows he would not run in that corner store that he was going to to rob nobody. That's - you know, that's just - they know Omar doesn't do that. So they know that, you know, he ain't coming to rob them. He just - like I said before, they running just to get - out of respect for...

WILLIAMS: Yeah, D-Block, yeah, House of Pain, One Main, House of Pain. You know, and I just want to take a moment to just say - to give a shout-out to all my brothers and sisters who may be incarcerated on the island from New York City. Just keep your head up, man. And just keep striving to be the best you you could be. You know, they could lock your body up, but they can't like your mind up. Let's just - let's keep striving. Tomorrow's a better day.

The teams that have sized up are distinct stylistically and have had wildly varying degrees of success. Broadly speaking, though, the trend is a response to the one that preceded it. The 3-point revolution stretched defenses out, opening up driving lanes and passing lanes for increasingly inventive playmakers. Bigger, longer lineups can close those lanes down by making the court "look more crowded than it actually is," Mosley said, especially if everybody plays defense with high hands.

Grizzlies center Steven Adams is difficult to keep off the glass, and he played the majority of his minutes with the 6-10 Jaren Jackson Jr. next to him last year. "It's not just size on the offensive boards, though," Van Gundy said. "What really creates offensive rebounds are the teams that can attack the basket off the dribble." Drive and draw help, and the defense has to take a body off of one of your bigs.

Davis: It seems to me that this is the first and maybe the best clue that we have of what it means for humans to exercise skilled mastery amongst the creatures. That we are the one creature that is conscious that everybody has to eat. 041b061a72


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