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Autofit 2008 Hun Review: Pros and Cons of the Text Resizing Tool

Right now, autofit works in the same way in PowerPoint and Slides - if you have a text box with no text selected, it will auto-fit to the text at hand. In PowerPoint 2007, if your text was selected, autofit would leave the text selected - which can be handy if your text is fairly short. You'd end up with a text box that would be as big as the text you selected. In PowerPoint 2008, if you have a text box with no text selected, autofit will insert the text as selected so you get what appears to be a smaller size.

autofit 2008 hun

PowerPoint gives you the ability to set default text size and proportions that will be used on all new text. If your texts are not consistent with these defaults, you can go to the Home tab, select Text, and in the Size group of the Font dialog box, choose from the AutoFit Options dropdown menu. For example, if you want to make all text in your slides a certain size, you can change the default option to Medium. Then, in the Home tab, select Text and choose the font that you want to use on all new text.

Text boxes will still automatically resize to fit the selected text, but you can now change the width of the text box by selecting Increase Width. Likewise, with the height autofit, you can select Decrease Height. Or, with the Expand-Width and Expand-Height autofit options, you can select an option to indicate what percentage the text box will increase in size by. For example, if you choose 75%, the text box will grow by 75% in each dimension. You can use the number 80 to indicate 80%. With this 80% option, if you select text, the text box will have a width of 80% of the total text box area, and with the height autofit, it will grow to 80% of the total height of the text box.


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