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LEGO The Lord Of The Rings

Lego Lord of the Rings has four packs of downloadable content (DLC), which were also available with pre-ordering the game. The first one includes Sméagol (before he was corrupted as Gollum), Sauron in his Second Age "fair" form (Annatar), and three other characters, and the second one includes characters such as a Mini-Balrog and a Corsair of Umbar. The third one includes only tools, such as the Three Elven rings, and a fourth includes a special Faramir and a Barrow-wight. There is no way to buy the DLC for the PC version of the game.

LEGO The Lord of The Rings

Bit odd that the huge balrog set costs the same as the much smaller hobbits and Arwen/Aragorn sets. $90 for 6 brickheads is too much, but hopefully if we support this wave of sets it sends a message that this theme is much missed.Time to pull out the PS3 and play some Lego lord of the rings once the cricket is over!

When our Hobbit heroes travel to the Misty Mountains in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, they quarrel with the giant Goblin leader, the Great Goblin. This set brings that brawl to life with plenty of detailed pieces, including bones, skulls, prisoner chains, planks, and fiery torches.

I send a mail to lego and they repplied saying that the idea was interresting but not anny plans for the moment and that with enough demand why not consider the idea. ( i don't know if they are serious or if it is juste a smart markething respons to keep me dreaming haha ).

I am having the most amazing and beautiful time building this set. Now I love lego but this has given me that old special feeling of when I built sets as a kid. Everything is so detailed and magical in this set. I appreciate the pace it's designed to be built at with 49 bags, some large, some small that allow little respites between the more intricate section. 041b061a72


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