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Boys Like Girls, Love Drunk Full ^HOT^ Album Zip

overwhelming colorfast were a bay area band that was crucial to the foundation of pop-punk. melding sharp hooks with the rawness of early hsker d, the band quickly became local favorites among their scene. a full three decades later, org music is remastering and reissuing their blistering self-titled debut for its first us release. produced by butch vig, the record sees a young version of the band at their most urgent, and even features a beatles cover for good measure. limited to 1,000 copies, this 30th anniversary pressing will be available on color vinyl exclusively for rsd black friday.

Boys Like Girls, Love Drunk full album zip

skip james was a delta blues artist from mississippi. known for his career during the great depression and subsequent decades, he was rediscovered and became much more widely recognized during the 1960s when he was in very poor health nearing the end of his life. his playing style was primarily in a minor key, featuring complex fingerpicking. after years of being out of print, the complete 1931 sessions, taken from james' paramount recordings, will be remastered and reissued by org music for rsd black friday on color vinyl. the reissue features new artwork and liner notes by author larry jaffee.

one of the earliest maryland hardcore acts, in my eyes started out as a dance punk band, featuring earl graham (guitars) and nick morris (bass) in 1989. the duo later retired to make two records in minneapolis, south of the border and roadkill. when bill farquhar (guitar) and kelly howey (vocals) joined, they changed their name to points of attention (poa). the band signed to constellation in 1992 and recorded the 1989 demos under the table, over the bed (released on vinyl for the first time this year) and seen better days. when the band broke up, farquhar went on to form fugazi and howey joined the virginia based band holly bush. the band reunited in 2000 and made two more records, hailing from maryland (retitled maryland in 2002) and taking it all back in 2004 before disbanding for good in 2006.1. under the table over the bed2. roadkill (acoustic)3. crash queen4. running hot5. the hills6. tenacity7. counting down the days8. scared9. battlecry10. you found a new way11. the deadlands12. weak and confused13. no surrender


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