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A collection of about 1,000 Zippy quotes was formerly packaged and distributed with the Emacs text editor. Some installations of the "fortune" command, available on most Unix-type systems, also contain this collection. This gives Zippy a very wide audience, since most Emacs users can have a random Zippy quote printed on their screen by typing "M-x yow" and most Linux or BSD users can get a random quote by typing "fortune zippy" in a shell. However, as a result of a decision by Richard Stallman prompted by FSF lawyer Eben Moglen, motivated by copyright concerns,[18] these quotes were erased in GNU Emacs 22.[19] Zippy under emacs now will only say "Yow! Legally-imposed CULTURE-reduction is CABBAGE-BRAINED!".[20] Zippy can be restored by replacing the yow file with one from an older Emacs.


NOTICE: For now, the Zippy site is using PAYPAL (or checks) for ALL purchases. If you wish to buy a Zippy book, sketch, Signed Print or Original Art, please request a Paypal purchase link by contacting us at

ARCADE #5 (Jay Lynch cover). Mint condition. $25.00The Lost Tunes:2 New Zippy Songs, ready to download!! Did you know Bill Griffith co-created "Wacky Packages" in the 1970s? (And he worked on the current "Wacky Packages Old School" sketch cards series 2 & 3--check them out on ebay.)LOTS OF NEW ART in both Zippy Original Art Galleries-- now available! Want to find out about Zippy's showbiz career? Or see a rare "ZIPPYSCOPE"? Or that Bill Griffith bibliography? Or B.G.'s New Yorker pages? Check out the "This Just In" archive.SEE SOMETHING YOU'D LIKE? We accept only PAYPAL and mailed CHECKS.To request a price (with shipping) for anything you see that does NOT alreadyhave a Paypal link, contact: griffy@zippythepinhead.comand request a Paypal link or price with shipping. 041b061a72


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